Viper VSS5X10 SmartStart Remote Start + Security System

60-Day Free Service Trial!

Remote start, lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your smartphone. This system contains everything you need to Connect Your Car.

This Viper SmartStart VSS5X10 remote start + security system offers 2-way functionality via the SmartStart app, so you can receive security alerts, command confirmation and more to help protect your vehicle.

  • 60-Day Free Service Trial
  • Viper SmartStart GPS capable
  • Remote start system
  • Security system
  • Keyless entry
  • Virtually unlimited range!

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1 Year of Free Secure Service Included
CDMA Fast Performance
Keyless Entry
Lock / Arm
Unlock / Disarm
Remote Car Starter
Viper SmartStart GPS
Vehicle Status
Vehicle Alerts
Trunk Release
Auxiliary Function Support
Viper Motor Club
Shock Sensor
  1. PHILLIP R ANDERSON (Oakland, CA)1/11/2019

    It gives you a greater sense of connection with your car. My car is an investment, and I like knowing my investment is protected. Not to mention how cool it is not have to wait for your car to warm up before work in the am. Just get in and go. I do have an issue with the customer support side of things. One their website ( Upon arriving at the Installer to pick up my car, I called customer support to start my smartStart subscription. The rep was trying to deny me a $50.00 off First time Subscription coupon code because they said I wasn't a new customer. I literally called to subscribe AT THE INSTALLER, immediately after the install. This is my FIRST viper product EVER! What do you mean I'm NOT a new customer??????? After being on hold for 23 minutes...they finally realized I WASN'T IN THERE SYSTEM. 23 minutes guys.... 23 minutes. In the end, the coupon code was honored, they realized I was not in their system and applied the discount. Aside from this, love it! It works well and is simply cool! I just hope I don't have to call customer support too often. Job well done on your SmartStart system Viper...(standing and clapping) You have potentially made a customer for life. Thank you for making a wonderful product.

  2. Aaron / North California / New Orleans3/27/2016

    Love it ! Like knowing where my ride is. Adding my other car too. App is good but still needs improvement(Apple Version) would be nice to know right away that system is armed etc. Watch app unlogs you from your account still at times and you don't know if it's running or armed etc.

  3. Matt - San Diego, CA11/19/2015

    One of the best birthday presents my wife has given me!!! Love it and Love all of its features! I'm definitely making sure our two boys get it too! The Viper Family of products rock!

  4. Mano/NJ10/20/2015

    Verizon 3G vss5x10 improves response time but the smart start 4 app and watch app need lot of improvement and bug fixes. No way to tell the car is remote started, locked etc by looking at main screen.i am solely depending on app since the unit doesn't have remote

  5. Mike - Sacramento9/30/2015

    This is the second Smart Start system I have purchased in the last year and I must say that the customer support from Directed has been A+++. I received stellar customer support from both Rob and Nigel, considering my lack of technical savy with this equipment they always made sure my concerns were completely addressed. Because of their professionalism I will be a customer for life!

  6. geo, A, nyc11/7/2014

    Comes in handy for those cold nights/mornings...but the app is a bit slow....

  7. jerry Fresno, Ca12/9/2013

    cool alarm system I've own. But wish it can be a little faster when using app, the latency is too slow, even on 4gLTE. also, it should of comes with a 2-way color lcd remote. Other than that, is a nice to have the remote start functionality. Now I don't freeze my ass off in the freezing 20degree.

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