Viper VSS4X10 SmartStart System

Get everything you need for a complete Viper remote start system, including Viper SmartStart and 1 year secure service in a single box. Combines the top of the line DS4+ digital remote start system and Viper SmartStart GPS module.

  • 1 Year of Secure service included!
  • Viper SmartStart GPS capable
  • Remote start system
  • Keyless entry
  • Virtually unlimited range!

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1 Year of Free Secure Service Included
CDMA Fast Performance
Keyless Entry
Lock / Arm
Unlock / Disarm
Remote Car Starter
Viper SmartStart GPS
Vehicle Status
Vehicle Alerts
Trunk Release
Auxiliary Function Support
Viper Motor Club
Shock Sensor
  1. Walter Buchanan6/15/2019

    works......... but need to be in a great cellular reception place if your phone cant get a good fast connection where you parked then your car wont get signal. also the need for a gooooooood installer alarms are not vehicle specific alot of installers use shortcuts and half ass. aside from that the system, gps, alerts are great. if you live in a major city and can find a authorise non half assing not lazy installer its a good alarm.

  2. Rob/ Long Island NY11/21/2017

    Love my new Viper system! Works great....... I would Highly recommend Viper product with professional installation!

  3. John Rocky Mount NC1/19/2016

    Remote Start 4806V 2 way LED Nov 2015 So far so good. Now two months later and Winter it gets used twice a day. It was installed in Nov 2015 by a DEI approved dealer. I wanted it highly personalized. It took some force and a few trips back to the dealer to get the settings and hardware all as close to what I wanted as they could be. The technician and his buddies tried to blow me off when the boss wasn’t there as my list of preferences was two pages long and this was not the unit they were familiar with. ( Mine is a Viper and they have Python and AutoMate on the shelf in the store. All are DEI products ) I emailed the owner and all future requests got whatever it took to get worked out even if it meant me and them calling tech support. The Viper support number for consumers is not answered by as highly familiar tech support as the installers have access to. Now for the details. The extremely bright theft deterrent light that blinks from the antenna can be disabled. The install tech found that out after one of the calls to their level of support access. He said it was a little pink wire that could be cut. It was far too bright. There is little chance the remote will start the car from inside a factory. Mine does not from much closer than a mile away. It does do quite well when outside pointed at the sky all the way from behind the building at about 1000 feet that way. Sometimes it takes couple attempts. It will not work through a non line of sight window at near the same distance. The LED plays a small going up the scale tune and lights up to let you know the car started if you can’t see it. There is no way to check if it is still running during a cycle when the car is out of sight. If you hit the start button again you have to listen to weather its playing the descending stop tune or the ascending start tune. I do wish you could choose the run cycle length without going to the dealer. They can program the runtime you prefer but it will get lost during a reset. You will have to remind them to put it back. As for the exterior lights during remote start cycle, I wanted none. After a lot of effort the only thing left on is daytime running lights which does allow a visual to confirm the car is running. The horn … I just left it disconnected. On a previous remote start model various things would make the horn blow by accident. I might be getting a starter grind while in remote. I have yet to investigate that. One disappointment I must mention is the driver door priority can not be made to work. All four doors unlock when in a remote start cycle. That is just what a bad guy hiding on the passenger side would want. The installer says its in a “canned cycle” that he can not change. Driver door priority does work when not in remote start. The cost at this dealer was $505 complete. Another dealer wanted around 200 more for all the preferences I wanted. All in all I recommend the Viper 4806V LED remote start. Comments welcome at

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