Viper 5906V Color OLED 2-Way Security + Remote Start System

Viper 5906V Color OLED 2-Way Security + Remote Start System
Viper 5906V Color OLED 2-Way Security + Remote Start System
Viper 5906V Color OLED 2-Way Security + Remote Start System

Responder HD features Viper's most advanced color remote, operating a one-mile range, 2-Way security and remote start system with an upgraded user interface, mini-USB charging port and patented menu wheel. No effort has been spared by the Viper development team to create the ultimate color keychain remote control, operating Viper's top-of-the-line, one-mile range 2-Way vehicle security and remote start system.

  • Priority Icon Map with OLED Display
  • Includes 1-Way Companion Remote
  • Up to 1 Mile Range

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Responder HD features Viper's most advanced color remote, operating a one-mile range, 2-Way security and remote start system with an upgraded user interface, mini-USB charging port and patented menu wheel. No effort has been spared by the Viper development team to create the ultimate color keychain remote control, operating Viper's top-of-the-line, one-mile range 2-Way vehicle security and remote start system.

The result is Viper Responder HD, winner of the coveted CES 2009 Innovations Award. Some of the milestones achieved by our team include:

  • Viper's first one-mile range color remote, using 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Technology (SST)
  • A brand new user interface, for the first time utilizing the patented Menu Wheel
  • New custom Viper animations, to confirm user commands and illustrate system events, on a 128 x 128 pixel Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) high contrast panel, with 262K and 65K full colors, and a wide 160° viewing angle, employing an anti-glare polarizer for enhanced daylight visibility
  • The OLED display panel on the Viper Responder HD color remote is 20% larger than previous LCD panels on a keychain remote

Viper has created a sophisticated and complex remote control that is more intuitive than competing security products. It walks the new user through the system operation on-screen while delivering tons of real-time information for the power user. Viper completely re-thought the manual layouts so users can play with the remote, and if something unexpected occurs or attracts their interest, they can easily find a quick and simple explanation with references to as much detail as they want.

Built-in Info Center: the Responder HD status screen has an information center built into it! The Info Center displays the remote start run-time remaining before the engine shuts off, as well as the vehicle interior temperature, so you know if it has warmed up or cooled off enough to make your drive comfortable. It also displays the Countdown and Parking Meter timers when running, and the Parking meter timer emits warnings at 15 minutes, 5 minutes and at expiration so you can make sure to feed the meter. Also, you can stop, start or clear these timers any time in the Status Screen using the Menu Wheel. These 4 bits of information can be displayed in the Info Center by pressing the menu wheel while the Status screen is active to toggle and show each one.

Two Car operation: when users decide to change to a paired 2nd vehicle, Responder HD will automatically check the vehicle's availability, and if the desired car is not available it will let you know. If the vehicle is available, it will automatically update the information displayed on the status screen so you know if it needs to be disarmed, or if the engine is running.

Security system Sensor Status in real-time: when arming with a security zone active, Responder HD will receive a report that will identify by name the active zone and display a special icon in the Status Screen. The report will identify all zones that are active (up to 7) by name during the report output.

NEW FEATURE: For the first time, Responder HD reports any sensors that have been bypassed by the Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC™) feature when arming and have a special Sensor Status icon that is displayed in the Status Screen. Any time there is a change of status in the sensors (NPC or a bypassed zone resets,) Responder HD will receive a message from the system and the All Zones OK icon will be displayed.

Sensor Bypass: users can bypass sensors by selecting the level and sensors they wish to bypass. Responder HD will identify the bypassed sensors on-screen and by name so the user knows exactly the level of security they have chosen. After bypassing sensors, the Sensor Status icon will be updated so the user can easily see those sensors are bypassed each time the Status Screen is displayed.

Remote start Fault and Not Available reporting: if the user attempts to operate a security or remote start feature that is not available, Responder HD will identify the fault so it can be quickly resolved.

The intended use and user value of Viper Responder HD constitute nothing less than a new higher level of connection between drivers and their vehicles. With an MSRP of $799, Responder HD is a new level of luxury in the world of vehicle security and convenience. From up to one mile distance from their vehicle, users can stay in constant contact using an advanced and elegant, full-color interface device: their Responder HD keychain remote.

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Remote Confirmation (?)2-Way remotes let you stay in touch with your vehicle, confirming your commands (such as remote start, or arming your security system) either with an LCD screen on the remote, or using LED lights. Some 2-Way remotes also act as a security pager, letting you know your siren has been triggered, even if you are too far away to hear it. Priority Icon Map with OLED Display
Remotes (?)The number and type of remotes that come with the system. Includes 1-Way Companion Remote
Range (?)Viper systems use Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to communicate with your vehicle, and these technologies each have a typical operating range. Range varies by the technology used, but also because of environmental factors such as interference from other RF sources. Currently Viper systems with the longest range use Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) with range up to 1 mile. Up to 1 Mile
Security (?)Approximately 1.2 million vehicles are stolen in the U.S. every year and $1 billion worth of contents are stolen out of vehicles - so millions of vehicle owners have reached out to Viper security systems as a powerful deterrent against thieves and vandals.
Remote Start (?)Remote Start allows you to start your engine by remote control, allowing your vehicle's climate control system to warm up or cool down the cabin before you get in. Range is important with remote start (your vehicle might be parked down the street, or at the far end of a parking lot) and 2-Way remote start systems are preferred (because they confirm that your vehicle has started.)
Keyless Entry (?)Unlock your vehicle's doors with the push of a button on your keychain remote.
Trunk Pop (?)Viper systems with Trunk Pop can open your power trunk with the push of a button.
SmartStart Compatible (?)A Viper SmartStart module can be added to this system to make your vehicle SmartStart ready.
Encryption (?)Clone-safe, anti-Code Grabbing technology comes standard on every Viper system. SuperCode™
Domelight Supervision (?)A great safety feature: illuminates your vehicle's dome light for 30 seconds when you disarm your security system or unlock the doors of your remote start system.
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor (?)Each Viper security system comes standard with the dual stage Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor, which detects blows or impacts to the vehicle and can discriminate light impacts from heavy ones.
Neo Revenger 6-Tone Siren (?)Light impacts result in WarnAway chirps from the Neo Revenger Siren, while heavier blows result in the full 120 dB 6-Tone sequence, designed to frighten away the would-be thief and call attention to the intrusion attempt.
Failsafe Starter Kill (?)Keep your car where you parked it with the Failsafe Starter Kill, an immobilizer designed to prevent hot-wiring.
Anti-Carjacking (VRS) (?)VRS is a user-operated anti-carjacking system. Once activated, if your vehicle is carjacked, 30 seconds later the siren will start screaming for help and the lights will flash. When the carjacker pulls over and turns off the ignition, the starter kill will activate, which should prompt the carjacker to then abandon your vehicle for eventual recovery.
# of Auxiliary Channels (?)Auxiliary channels are electrical outputs controlled by your keychain remote, which your installer can interface with systems in your car to allow you to operate them by remote control. Additional parts or labor will be required. 4
Responder HD

Responder HD

Responder HD features Viper's most advanced color remote, operating a one-mile range, 2-Way security and remote start system with an upgraded user interface, mini-USB charging port and patented menu wheel.

The OLED display panel on the Viper Responder HD color remote is 20% larger than previous LCD panels on a keychain remote.



SuperCode is the technology that defines the functionality of Responder and the intelligence that drives its advanced features. Its protocol encompasses software-based system signal encryption (replacing hardware-based Clone Safe Code-Hopping). Multi-car operation is designed into the SuperCode protocol, so users will have all of the possible operations for two cars controllable by one remote.

SmartStart Compatible

SmartStart Compatible

Start, control, or locate your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone.

You can add a Viper SmartStart module to any compatible Viper remote start or security with remote start system to make your system SmartStart ready. By adding a VSM350 module, your system will also be ready for SmartStart GPS.

  1. Joey - Ft. Lauderdale, FL8/27/2017

    Great alarm. I had the previous 2-way version as well, the Viper 479V, and there is 1 thing better I loved about that remote. The remote came with a plastic holster with a belt clip. The remote could snap into it in 2 directions, screen out to show it off, or you could spin the remote around, and snap it in with the screen side in. This way kept the screen and face of the remote protected, and blocked off all of the keys from being pressed. It was awesome, wish they would make one for this model.

  2. Brad-Austin, TX8/30/2015

    After my vehicle was broken into, I decided it needed an upgrade from the factory alarm system. I have to say that I'm extremely happy with it. Of course you'll want to have the glass break sensor and the tilt sensor along with your viper system but it's worth every penny. I also bought the viper smart start system that works with your cell phone. Being overseas for a year I was able to remote start my vehicle from 7,000 miles away from Seoul South Korea, I was also able to still keep track of the vehicle's location and have the simple functions of my vehicle. I remember one time my sister left the keys in the car, texted me and all I did was send an unlock command to the vehicle through my iphone 5 from half way around the world. Overall I have to say that I'm absolutely happy with this alarm system. It's a must have for anyone that needs some extra layers of protection for their vehicle.

  3. Key West, Fl USA2/5/2015

    I have the complete system installed for a few years now and could not be any happier with it's operation. Every possible sensor is installed along with SmartStart. My ONLY issue is the life of the OLED display. It starts to fade away after 7-12 months.After 12-15 months I have had them go black. Directed is great about replacing them under warranty. Other than that you cannot get a better vehicle security system anywhere! Only use an authorized Directed/Viper dealer!!!

  4. Richard --Trinidad and Tobago.1/19/2015

    Got my viper HD RESPONDER today. Paired it with my system and bravo we have ignition! Now that i can see the screen of my new remote i will be going to download the manual now and see what other tricks are in store for me. Richard.

  5. Brandon, MB, Canada10/3/2014

    One of the best out there! Long range, so many options and addons, and reliability! For those who are having issues remote starting by accident, you can get it programmed to have to press 2 or 3 times, or even program the keylock where you can to press certain buttons in sequence in order to "unlock" the buttons, or simply just get a nice case for the keyfob!

  6. Oklahoma2/20/2014

    I really like the alarm. It works well and has a long range. The 2way is nice so I can be notified if the alarm is set even if I can't hear it. I like the ability to be able to add extra features like a tilt sensor, glass break sensor, back-up batteries, extra siren and the ability to roll my windows down with the AUX button. If anyone is having problems accidently starting the vehicle, I strongly suggest taking advantage of the button lock feature. It will solve the problem.

  7. Nef- Queens, NY3/6/2013

    Great alarm, lots of nice features, great range coverage. the only Con remote is too sensitive starter the car plenty of times without knowing. Remote starter feature should be different press twice,hold botton etc. this is kind of annoying, unlocking or starting your car without knowing.

  8. jose-san antonio, TEXAS1/3/2013

    I've had this set up a few years now and never placed a review until now. The reason being, I forgot how awesome this thing is. Parking is a pain at my apts. And a couple months ago I had to park about 1/4 mile from my town home. Remote went off and I sprinted outside in my boxers, 40 cal in hand. If it wasn't for this alarm he would've got away. Besides having to by a new windshield because the two holes I put threw it and time in court, this alarm saved me a lot more.

  9. Ann- Long Island, NY6/30/2012

    my truck got broken into twice, after i research for alarm systems, found out that this one is the best and it is. i would have never though that the thief would have tried again for a 3 time and i sure did catch him in front my house, red handed. my alarm on the truck and the remote went off at the same time. i was able to see the person, get their license plates # and report to the police. i also had some problems with the installers, i called viper customer service and they handled that situation very well. I'M A VERY PLEASE CUSTOMER.

  10. Dagmar de Ruiter, Netherlands12/25/2011

    System works great! I don't want any other alarm. There is only one big con: The buttons of the two way remote contol are very crappy. I have the key pad lock enabled otherwise my car will open, close and start on every moment. Now it only drive's me crazy with the "Button lock on" sound everytime you bend over or squeez it accidently in your pocket.

  11. Daniel-Austin, Tx10/12/2011

    Had this alarm installed in my Camaro z28 and could not be happier, my car has had two other alarms in the past and this is by far the best yet! No complaints, works great!

  12. Gio - Vancouver, BC7/21/2011

    This alarm has been amazing! it works from inside my 4th floor condo while my car is parked on p2. To the people complaining about pushing the buttons by mistake you should turn on the key lock.

  13. Chris, north Carolina7/18/2011

    Love this remote start the LCD screen is great and the battery stays charged forever love this system

  14. Dan - Edmond, OK4/22/2011

    Alarm does what it's supposed to, and that's great. I was surprised to find how unprotected the buttons are. My pocket never pressed the buttons on the factory remote, but have I left the store or the gym multiple times to find my truck running in the parking lot. I've turned on the button lock, but still think the design could be better. The companion remote doesn't seem to have a lock, and I found my truck running again in the parking lot at work this morning.

  15. Chicago, IL4/6/2011

    Definitely the best overall securiyt with remote start system I have ever used. My application on an Audi can be somewhat inconcsistent at times. For example, it doesn't always arm or disarm on the first attempt but 9 out of 10 times it works fine. Also, the buttons easily get pressed when in a pocket or purse. My wife has unlocked the car many times accidently while in her purse. Thanks to the super long range of the system :) Overall, awesome system.

  16. Lo-Toronto, Canada4/6/2011

    Great system, I love it for my Jeep GC.

  17. Dave C. - Fairview Heights, IL2/22/2011

    WOW!! Go Ahead! Try to steal my XA! I DARE YOU! BEST ALARM SYSTEM MADE TO DATE!I bought the 5902V, an Extra Siren, a Piezo Siren, (Installed in the dash through the vent to make your ears bleed), the Dual Stage Radar(Proximity) Sensor, and the Window Automation System. I skipped the Tilt and Window Shatter Sensors because the proximity Sensor should activate in either case. I got All parts and Installation for under $900. Wiring is ran in the car to Xtra Batteries in Trunk Area not under the hood.

  18. jake church hill tn2/21/2011

    i got this alarm i had the 5901 i had to have the color remote works great no problems. also have every add on you can think of the range for remote start is great from the remote its in a 2005 lincoln navigator

  19. Martin- Los Angeles, CA2/15/2011

    The color remote is huge and difficult to carry around. Otherthan that the product is very reliable.

  20. Anthony - Center Moriches, NY2/7/2011

    Just had this unit installed in my car. the smartstart is unbelieveable. i was home the car was 50 miles away and i was able to unlock and lock the car. the smartstart takes a little time to recieve the signal but its not too bad. great product i recommend it!

  21. Ken - Calgary, Alberta, Canada1/21/2011

    Loved the graphics, easy to use and money well spent. I researched the product first then purchased the system thru e-Bay and had it shipped to Canada which nobody had this product yet. Installed on Toyota Highlander Hybrid works awesome.

  22. Houston Tx1/5/2011

    Its a good product but the only thing i don't like is when i put the remote in my pocket it opens my trunk and starts my car

  23. Derek - Rochester, MN12/19/2010

    I put this in myself, some guy tried to steal 4000 dollars worth of my audio equipment while I was at work on black friday, taking a pee. Next thing I know it said my door was open, so I ran out there as fast as I could, about 1/3 mile away, and confronted the guy, scared the crap out of him. This thing is worth every penny, it will save you if someone breaks in to steal your stuff, plus no more cold morning to worry about. Made my car more fun and safer, thanks Viper!!

  24. mzgonc st. louis, mo12/15/2010

    Remotes are a pain, can't put it in your pocket or in your gf purse unless you like leaving your car unlocked or starting it by remote all the time without knowing it. Buttons on the remote are unshielded and sooooo easily pressed by accident thus unlocking and / or starting it.

  25. JP - Florida11/28/2010

    Awesome system! I also have the Smart Start. Works amazing! Would definitely buy again.

  26. Goobii - Singapore Stream Owners Group11/22/2010

    Branding plays a part. I upgraded my alarm from a lousy korea brand zenesis ZN502R, which screw up everything from unable to start to window struck and cannot wind up... Once I changed to viper 5902, everything else changed. It is more easy to understand what is going on. It could activate remote start even if car is LOCK or UNLOCK. It tell you in REAL time how long the remote start had been started and how long later will it CUT off. My favourite, the TEMP reading which tells you how warm or cold the car interior before thinking about remote start to cool down the car. Range is good, 2blocks aways blocked by 2 others tall HDB , I could still remote start and before I reach and drive off the car. It had already warmed up. Additional gadgets: Viper flashing decal, tilt sensor, sunroof open/close , window up/down, all could be installed without any problem. Mine with PUSH-START button, so it makes it easy by carrying just the impressive car remote. Try it... Use it... Love it...

  27. abdulrahman-alkhateeb commercail broker-china11/7/2010

    good morning; pleace contact me about this sistem thank you

  28. chris-miami,fla11/3/2010

    was up everybody im about to but this product i was just lookin at the features in i notice that it said no Anti-Carjacking (VRS) does anyone know what this mean?

  29. loacated in Northern Ontario where it is cold10/30/2010

    Best remote ever. Installed in a 2011 Hyundai Sonata with smartkey feature with XK09 bypass, installer said it was the easiest install ever.

  30. mark washington, tulsa, ok9/19/2010

    My current car alarm put on by BIG DOGGS CAR AUDIO in Tulsa, Oklahoma is worthless when compared to the viper. I plan to buy the viper with my new 2011 vehicle purchase. My car alarm made by OMEGA CAR ALARM is being un-authorized breached by another person. I have two of the OMEGA CAR ALARM installed on each of my vehicles and each time someone has gained un-authorized access to alarm car. 1-918-346-6774.

  31. alex lett- Yulee, FL9/1/2010

    this is one great security system ever

  32. john gomez san antonio texas riddin 24z6/9/2010

    wow, cant belive people pay that much, anyways i have the 5902 with the smart start module on my 03 durango on airbag suspension, I now can wireless control my airbags from my iphone.... theves beware you will be shot on sight with the viper 5902. you will be pleased with this unit, although it is upriced high. ballerz only!!!!!!!!

  33. Chris, Arizona6/4/2010

    I got this model installed a few weeks ago and I very much appreciate it's features and enjoy it's capabilities. It gives me a high sense of security which greatly lowers my worry over my vehicle. The remote start is fabulous.

  34. imran ashraf united kingdom4/20/2010

    Awesome build quality very happy with mine , nice color screen easy to understand icons , overall best buy for my car thanks directed you done a excellent job keep it up

  35. San Diego CA2/28/2010

    I have a mr-2 and a 4runner. They both had 791xv's. hated having to use 2 different remotes. Finally upgraded them to 5902's. Love them.

  36. lamont Aurora,Co2/14/2010

    This is the best alarm system I have ever owned. I have $1280 dollars into the system total. I got the alarm, glass,tilt,window,prox sensor,override, backup battery, viper illuminicient for $680 off ebay. Cartoys I been using last 12 yrs did install $660. If install is to high it was worth it. I figured it out completely in like the total of an hr. The remote control is the coolest thus far. Roll windows up and down, turn off sensors, The garage door opening would cause warn away to chirp 2x. I silence the prox sensor at the car when at home and it beeps the remote. The viper ill looks cool at night I have 2 lights flashing opposite each other. Any vehicle I plan on keeping will have one of these. The pit stop is cool leave the car running and run into the store. The remote stays charged for months I believe. I charged it at christmas and it was still charged feb12 at install. I hope I help some one make a informed decision on buying this product. It is simply awesome and worth every penny. Not to mention the feeling of security that your car is gonna be alright no matter where you may be. If you are a gadgets person this will impress. Buy it you wont be disappointed.

  37. queens, new york1/1/2010

    i had the viper 791 responder when it first came out, but this thing the viper 5902 with color screen display is by far the best system that dei has ever put out.Really really amazing system i am very pleased.

  38. AP - Lawrence, KS11/26/2009

    Great Product, Only thing is the color remote is kind of large. Other then that, great features.

  39. Chad-Seattle, WA11/25/2009

    great alarm, ive installed for 6yrs and this is by far the best all-around alarm I have come across. anyone can operate.

  40. Nick R. Allentown, PA11/14/2009

    Worth EVERY penny....

  41. FX - Edmonton, Canada11/12/2009

    Good but could be better. Works very well with BMW push-button ignition. High end vehicles required additional modules. Best if 2-way remote has selectable theme for truck or SUV. Best system $ can buy.

  42. Rigoberto Ceballos11/5/2009

    As of now I can't complain about this product, my car on the other hand is a whole different story. The 5902V is awesome just make sure you have someone fully qualified installing it.

  43. james@ creative car audio joplin mo10/8/2009

    Just installed one today. Best system I have ever used.

  44. Parks - Lacey, WA10/2/2009

    Excellent system with great range! No more remembering 32 different keypress combinations to get the function I need, just scroll down and hit a button! Makes controlling my windows, sound system and fog lights so much simpler!

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