Viper 7816V 1-Button 2-Way Remote

Viper 7816V 1-Button 2-Way Remote

This is a replacement or additional remote for your Viper system. View the System Compatibility chart below to see if this remote will work with your system.

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  1. Andrew - Wake Forest, NC1/31/2022

    Great remote. This remote is great for vehicles that have either a factory keyless entry system or factory alarm system and you just want to add remote start to it so long as the vehicle doesn't require a Viper remote with lock and unlock buttons. That way you don't have to carry two lock and unlock buttons. Perfect for if you have no keyless entry at all. The one way remote is good if you just want to add remote start only though it is nice to know that the remote start system did start the car. Even though this works on other Viper remotes, I like how if you hold the button when the vehicle is off, it will flash the parking lights 10 times so you can find where you parked your vehicle without having to set the alarm off.

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