Viper 7153V 1-Way Plus Remote

Viper 7153V 1-Way Plus Remote

Use the Remote Finder to see if this remote is compatible with your Viper system. (7153V)

This a replacement or additional remote for your Viper system. View the System Compatibility chart below to see if this remote will work with your system.

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System Part Number System Model Number Date Code (?)If you see "All" in the Date Code column then the remote will work with any versions of the corresponding system. Most newer systems have the "All" designation.

If you see a value (such as 8D-9A), then the remote will only work with a subset of the system produced during a certain time period. This is only the case for some older systems.

If you have one of these older systems, here is how to find the date code:

3203 V 3203 All
5204 V 5204 All
4204 V 4204 All
5202 V 5701 9K - up
5102 V 5601 9L - up
4202 V 5301 9I - up
4102 V 5101 9J - up
4104V 4104 All
5104V 5104 All
Vss4000 Vss4000 All
3303V 3303 All
3203V 3203 12I - Up
3203V 3203 12I - Up
3303V 3303 All
4108V 4108V All
4208V 4208V All
9153VL 9153VL All
9251VL 9251VL All
3203 V 3203 All
  1. Samuel, Milwaukee, WI1/3/2014

    Adding wireless device to Viper 5701 system about $120 and pay monthly about $40 you can turn on/ off, panic, open/ lock, doors, receive confirmation on any Smart phone remotely. I am using for two years. Seldom needs to reset apps.

  2. Babylon New York 117046/25/2013

    I have replaced this remote 2 times and can't find a good replacement for it can someone help me ?

  3. Jim - Indianapolis, IN1/25/2013

    My initial complaint is that it is so easy to start the car accidentally. I walked out of a customers location and my truck has been running somewhere in the 29.9 minute range. What a waste of gas.

  4. andrew mississauga ontario canada8/6/2012

    never had any complaints

  5. Kyle abilene tx12/15/2011

    This is by far the best out of the tree possible remoted for the viper 5701 system. This one does not have the removable back battery door which nearly always falls off. this unit also does not have the hard plastic button, instead it has rubber buttons which are a lot less sensetive! overall a good remote.

  6. Carla Decatur, Il7/7/2011

    About a three I truly enjoyed my remote starter until it had problems. I'm confused one remote control has stopped working and the other one has failed to remotely start my car. THATS WHAT I BOUGHT IT FOR. NOT HAPPY UNTIL I GET A REPLACEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish mine had a battery to it I got one that looms lime you have to pay 69.00 for a replacement come on!!!! Jeesh Louise!!

  7. Dennis - Chicago, IL2/14/2011

    I love my Viper5101 remote start system but hate this remote. The buttons are impossible to tell apart in the dark, and using the "pit stop" mode in the car is difficult because its hard to find the right button to push with the remote on the keychain. I wish there were another easier to see and use remote that would work with this system

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