Viper 488V LED 2-Way Remote

Viper 488V LED 2-Way Remote

Viper 488V LED 2-Way Remote (488V)

This a replacement or additional remote for your Viper system. View the System Compatibility chart below to see if this remote will work with your system.

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  1. Dave Cunningham, Houston, TX11/22/2012

    I like this remote. I use it with a 671XV and no trouble so far. Range is not great for example compare to an LC3. But it's easy to use. Kind of a pain to add it to your system as a replacement remote. But once done it works well.

  2. Amy- SLC Utah11/29/2011

    I have not had any problems with my remote. it also functions as a remote starter and it works great! I am curious tho regarding the musical tune that plays out of the device. I have only heard it 3 times in two years. What does this tune signify? The remote obviously makes a beeping noise when i lock/unlock the vehicle, but when i go to lock my vehicle, it sometimes plays a musical song instead of the beeps.. any ideas? battery getting low maybe?

  3. benny thompson San Angelo Tx 76903at 1919 brown st11/26/2010

    I am writing in regard of the alarm system that I have bought, every since I purchase this system, I being having problem with this transciever. (RPN: 488v) the rating is not that good. The barrery is not making contact in the batery conpartment., Would you please make this good( because of the quality if the equippment, is not up too standard.I dont think that I should be paying for another transciever for $119.99 for sooooooomething I just bought. Would you please make it good. Thank you very much Benny thompson 325-653-2603. 199 brown st, San Angelo Texas 76903.

  4. Domenic - Central Canada11/25/2010

    It's a pretty good remote, like the two way feature, however, I find that this remote seems to break and split apart an abnormal amount. It also drains the battery fast!!!

  5. Al-South Bend, IN11/2/2010

    The case for this remote is not very durable. I have owned very expensive watches that are able to last longer than these very fragile remotes. I am now on my third remote even though the products have never been misused. Viper needs to manufacture a case that will withstand normal use. The problem seems to be that the little legs that snap into place when one replaces the battery break after only a few attempts to open the case. Very bad design.

  6. Patrick, Hartford, CT 061129/20/2010

    I've had this product for a number of years now and really cannot complain about it's performance over these past years. I however, have a problem with the remote's case make, design and material. I've had to replace my remote 3 times already, and now need to replace it again, each time at $100.00 plus. The remote always seems to open up over time, it splits down the sides therefore allowing the key chain connector to slip out then allowing the remote to fall and smash into pieces. I would then have to carefully reasemble it and commence to tape this remote back up in order to keep it together again. Instead of walking proudly with my remote starter, I'm trying to hide this ugly, taped-up, disfigured thing. Why? Why is this remote made with such cheap material?, Why is this remote so prone to breaking apart even without cause? Why hasn't VIPER develop a leather case for this romote to protect it from falling apart so easily?

  7. Barry - Savannah, GA10/13/2009

    This is a great system. The remote is straight forward and reliable. the hardest part about this system is learning the flash and beep count for the various alarms (types of triggers). Make sure you document the information on the brain....i.e. the model and serial number. My remote was smashed and it is kinda a pain to replace without that info. This is why I gave only 4 stars of 5.

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