Viper Classic 1-Way Remote

Viper Classic 1-Way Remote (485M)

This a replacement or additional remote for your Viper system. View the System Compatibility chart below to see if this remote will work with your system.

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System Part Number System Model Number Date Code (?)If you see "All" in the Date Code column then the remote will work with any versions of the corresponding system. Most newer systems have the "All" designation.

If you see a value (such as 8D-9A), then the remote will only work with a subset of the system produced during a certain time period. This is only the case for some older systems.

If you have one of these older systems, here is how to find the date code:

552 V 150 HF 7H - 8L
430 V 300 HF 7G - 8B (a)
432 V 300+ 7F - 8B (a)
448 V 600 HF (Code Plus) 7A - 8B (a)
438 V 500 HF(Code Plus) 4D - 7L
553V 550 HF 5I - 6J
553V 550 HF 7D - 8B
448V 600 HF (Code Plus) 4L - 6L
448V 600 HF (Code Plus) 7A - 8B (a)
448C C 70 HF 5E - 6D
371V 700 HF 6A - 6F
381V 800 HF 5H - 6H
381V 800 HF 6I - 7B
381V 800 HF 7C - 7L
553 V 550 HF 7D - 8B
448 V 600 HF (Code Plus) 4L - 6L
381 V 800 HF 6I - 7B
381 V 800 HF 7C - 7L
438 V 500 HF (Code Plus) 4D - 7L

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