Viper Home Starter Kit

Protect your home and your family with the most advanced and reliable wireless home security system from Viper. This kit contains everything you need for a complete start-up system.

Control, monitor and protect your home with your smartphone and the most advanced wireless monitoring and security system from the world's leading name in security.

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  • 100% wireless
  • Battery operated, long life
  • Connects to your home’s broadband router and links all of your Viper home devices into a wireless security network
  • Remote control and management access to the system, via the cloud, using the Viper Connect smartphone app and the Viper Home website
  • Includes Smart Hub, Indoor Motion Detector and 1 Magnetic Door/Window Sensor
  • Sends real-time notifications of any security event to your smartphone via the internet


Control, monitor and protect your home with your smartphone and the most advanced wireless monitoring and security system from the world's leading name in security.


The Viper home VHS100 represents a new way to do home security from the leading brand in security. It’s a “do-it-yourself” system that is powerful yet easy to install, and that you can access anywhere with your smartphone. You can arm and disarm remotely, and get verified intrusion alerts on your smartphone. And with additional accessories, you can even record video, control house lights and more.

How It Works

The starter kit includes a central hub (with backup battery), a motion sensor, and a door/window sensor set. Simply connect the hub to your home router, register on the Viper website and install the sensors. Download and log in to the ViperConnect app and you’re ready to control and monitor your home from your smartphone.


The central hub connects to your home's broadband router and links all of your Viper home devices into a wireless security network, fully controlled and monitored by your smartphone. The smart hub sends real-time notifications of any security event to your smartphone via the Internet.

The motion sensor detects movement inside your home any time the system is armed and uploads real-time reports directly to your smartphone. The magnetic door/window sensor protects the key entry points in your home. It notifies the system of any unauthorized entry.


VIPERWATCH is the most advanced and reliable event notification system with no expensive long-term monitoring contracts and false alarm fees. You can manage who gets notified and how when a security event happens. One low monthly fee – cancel anytime.

Your Home – You – Your Car … Protected by VIPER

Viper home monitoring and security also fully integrates with Viper SmartStart, providing a complete safety and security solution for you, your car and your home, all in one convenient app. Plus with mobile personal safety, you can literally hit the panic button on your smartphone to instantly connect to your security network in case of an emergency.

Download Quick Start Guide

Technical Specifications

Smart Hub

  • Maximum RF range: 1968 feet open air
  • ECOP bi-directional radio protocol
  • Data security – 128-bit AES encryption
  • Users remotely control and manage the system via the cloud, using smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • User interface software applications available for iOS™ and Android™ operating systems and Windows®-based browsers
  • Supports up to 64 security peripherals, 24 safety peripherals and up to 32 users, including two Master Users
  • Built-in rechargeable backup battery
  • LAN cable
  • Power adapter

Motion Sensor

  • Provides continuous scanning of your home environment and sends an alert of any detected movement when armed
  • Fully wireless battery-operated unit
  • 2-way RF communication
  • Up to 2000 feet of range
  • Passive Infa-Red (PIR) operation
  • Distinguishes pets from human intruders
  • Multi-zone spherical lens for exceptional detection coverage (90o horizontal, 105o vertical)
  • Tamper alarm - when unit is tilted
  • Sealed optics minimize false alarms
  • Efficient power consumption for long battery life
  • Detecting range: up to 39.4 feet
  • Uses standard AA batteries

Door and Window Sensor

  • Keeps a protective seal on your home environment’s access points and notifies the system of any unauthorized entry
  • Fully wireless battery-operated unit
  • 2-way RF communication
  • Maximum RF range: 1640 feet
  • 2 Elements: detector and magnet
  • Simple installation – no tools required
  • Dual LED (green/red) for detector status indication
  • Informs system whenever access points are opened or closed
  • Efficient power consumption for long battery life
  • Modern, stylish and compact design

Customer Reviews Write a review

  • Jen - Houston, Tx


    This product is worth the money ten times over. I was able to catch from the office of my old apartment in the act of lying. They would claim they have been to my apartment to fix something, then when i got home i would find my disappointment. But thanks to the Viper system they couldn't get away with it anymore. It lets me know the date and time of the last entry in and out of my home even if the system is not armed plus i can know who in my home armed the system. It totally works and the set up is simple, it can even be moved to another address, and it has an app too

  • Adam - WA


    Love it. Great design and features, love the ability to expand and the accessories are priced well and look modern/subtle enough. LOVE how everything is completely wireless with fantastic battery life (including batteries is amazing), I also really like how tampering with devices sets off an alarm. The documentation is lacking in the software setup area (need to explain what some of the additional settings do like allow delayed entry/exit and allow pass through)... The app is also just okay (using Android) because it takes too many steps to get into the home alarm portion (maybe add a setting to default to the page of your choice on app startup would help), notifications are also really needed on Android, a widget with arm/disarm/status buttons would be FANTASTIC. It is great because there are almost limitless possibilities with the system because of Viper's ability to update software and add new features (software updates can be sent to your accessories automatically!), so you really are investing in something that can just get better and better. With that said, I really hope this product takes off and Viper continues to invest in updating the mobile apps, web interface, and adding new features.

  • Shereif - PA


    I'm glad to be the first to review this system. We went all out and bought the Starter Kit, Key Fob ( Incase you don't own an Android or IPhone), Extra Motion Sensor, Extra Door/WIndow Magnet and a Siren. One of the current competitors on the market is iSmartAlarm, which has very mixed reviews on Amazon. Although I know I was going to spend a bit more on this Viper System, I didn't want to pay a Monthly charge and didn't want to invest in a system that was going to be revised with a firmware update. I wanted to pay and I wanted it to work! Pros : Easy to set up. It took less than an hour to prep everything and get it in the right places. Everything uses AA batteries and they included the batteries with every purchase. Viper is a solid name in automobile security, so expect the same standard of security. It will not allow you to arm the system if the motion sensor has been tampered with or is laying horizontal ( Awesome JOB!!). You will get an Email sent of which device detected the intrusion. I believe you will also get a pop up for IPhone. No Bulky Keypad to mount on a wall with a " Secret code " to arm or disarm. The base has a battery back up and will alert you if it loses power. The Siren is a bit louder and sharper then a smoke detector siren. Cons : Shame on you viper.. You can include the Siren in an Enhanced bundle kit. Way to Nickel and Dime people... If you included it in the starter for $229, this system would be the go to home security system. Everything sticks to the wall, so it'll be a pain when having to change the batteries. Overall, I really like this system and would recommend it, if you don't want to pay a monthly fee and you just want a simple IPhone pop up or Email Notification of something happening in your home. If you are looking for streaming video, look at other options as they will charge you 10 dollars a month.