Viper Entry-Level 1 Way Remote

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Use the Remote Finder to see if this remote is compatible with your Viper system.

This a replacement or additional remote for your Viper system. View the System Compatibility chart below to see if this remote will work with your system.

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Use the Remote Finder to see if this remote is compatible with your Viper system.

System Compatibility

System Part Number System Model Number Date Code (?)If you see "All" in the Date Code column then the remote will work with any versions of the corresponding system. Most newer systems have the "All" designation.

If you see a value (such as 8D-9A), then the remote will only work with a subset of the system produced during a certain time period. This is only the case for some older systems.

If you have one of these older systems, here is how to find the date code:

410V 100 HF (ESP) 8G - up
561V 130 HV All
552V 150 ESP 9C - 0H
552V 150 ESP 0I - up
562V 160 XV All
416V 210 HV All
412V 211HV All
430V 300 HF 8B - 9A
429V PC 300 HF (ESP) All
432V 300+ HF 8B - 9B
427V 330V All
426V 350 HV All
438V 500 HF 8B - up
439V PC 500 HF (ESP) 7J - up
553V 550 HF 8D - 9A
553V 550 HF (ESP) 9B - up
563V 560 XV All
572V 571 XV 4G - 5G
572V 571 XV 6K - up
448V 600 HF 8B - 8L
449V PC 600HF (ESP) 9A - up
436V 650 XV All
437V 671 XV All
379V 700 ESP All
567V 771 XV 4E - 4L
567V 771 XV 5A - 7J
381V PC 800 SHF 8B - 8F
381V 800 SHF ESP 8G - UP
446V 850XV All
3101V 1000 All
3102V 1002 All
3201V 3000 All
3202V 3002 All
3301V 5000 All
3302V 5002 All
5501V 7900 All

Customer Reviews Write a review

  • tony Lebanon Tn


    Bought a car with a Viper alarm System We need to get a new remote went to the site found a store that sells them ask the person how do I get the remote to hook up with my system his answer I have no idea you need to contact the company no problem but I can find no Place to contact the company customer support page says contact a store the store says contct Viper why would a company not have a place to contact them

  • G. I. Omar, British Columbia, Canada.


    I haven't bought this key; however, it come with my used car, and yet I have a problem how its bottoms function.

  • Dale - Phoenix AZ


    great product..only took two days to receive new remote took less than 30 seconds to teach new remote to system made my wife so happy doesn't have to fight with remote any longer to get in her vehicle

  • Kathy humphrey Taylor michigan 48180


    I have this remote i need to get this working,is there a dealer around the downriver area i can go,I live in taylor mi 48180

  • ana ortega 7347 haskell ave #212 vannuys ca 91406


    my alarm control dont work is a viper rpn473v2codes fcc; ID;ezsdeI4t4v what do i do buy one

  • zach- alabama


    seems to slowly kill my battery after a while. other than that i love it and it works everytime!

  • ALvaro Culiacan SIN mexico


    easy to used great remote